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Saw Department

The automated sawing systems at Machinewell, Inc., in conjunction with our material handling capabilities, enable us to be very versatile to fulfill the needs of our customers. The capabilities of this department can fluctuate on demand, to complete the most intricate tasks as they arise. We can handle stock lengths as long as 26 feet and diameters of singular bars or multiple bars and bundles up to 13 inches on a daily basis, but we can exceed those limits through special order. The accuracy of this equipment (NC controlled) enables Machinewell, Inc. to cut your tubing, bar stock, or extrusion to very close tolerances, saving our customers many dollars in time and scrap. Cost reduction is multiplied when the sawn parts and components make their way through our machining facilities, mostly due to the accuracy and quick turn around that this department provides. Part length is infinite, and materials of every kind can be sawn or blanked to meet the demands of every sector in industry. The Material Saw department at our facility is the beginning of our machining cycle and a major factor in our "Start to Finish" concept.

Turn Department

A networked system of CNC controlled turning centers and lathes, combined with integrated programming, enables our Turning department to be an up to date, high precision facility at Machinewell, Inc. Computer generated programming linked directly to our Engineering department, in conjunction with SolidWorks and CamWorks software, enhances our abilities to produce components with the tight tolerance and high surface finishes demanded by our satisfied customers. Multi-Axis machines, along with standard two axis machines, have been constantly maintained to OEM specifications, which minimizes downtime and set up time, decreasing costs to our customers. A well trained staff of qualified set up people, along with day and night shift operators, make "quick turnarounds" a constant in this department. Networking our CNC machines directly through Engineering and applying SPC concepts with our Quality Control department assures our customers of the highest quality standards that they deserve.

Transfer Cell Department

As one of the more unique departments at Machinewell, Inc., and one of the most universal, the Transfer Cell department combines standardized machining practices with a high speed part transfer system to create a group of machines that are as versatile as the imagination. Drilling, tapping, chamfering, etc. are standard for a range of components that consist of threaded shafts, special tubes, threaded tie rods, linkage shafts, etc. One of the many highlights in this area is the ability to thread both right and left hand threads, in standard and metric, roll form or cut threads, using high speed lead screw tapping. We utilize manual transfer, in addition to fully automated PLC parts transfer, to fabricate high production components with reliable repeatability. A twenty station rotary transfer machine is also operated with a "pick and rotate" station to flip components end for end which eliminates the human error factor in high precision shaft work. Capacities for diameters run from 5/16" to 1 1/2" and lengths can be adapted to run up to 24". Adaptability is the key feature of this type of customized machining that makes this department valuable to Machinewell, Inc.

Mill Department

Staying with current manufacturing trends and techniques requires full time dedication and can be an expensive capital outlay. Our Milling department at Machinewell, Inc. has always done, and always will do, what is needed to stay on top of the competition in this competitive market. The capabilities of our 3D milling machines, both vertical and horizontal, enables us to do the work that the other "conventional" shops turn down. We can tool for the most demanding high production part or the most basic part, faster, more economical, and with the precise tolerances dictated by our customer base. From Multi-Task machining to conventional fly cutting, Machinewell, Inc. can meet the challenge with a dependable lead time and experienced machinists who just will not accept the phrase "This can not be done." Match this department with a complete 3D Modeling SolidWorks system, and the combination is a result of over 100 years milling experience utilizing the most advanced software available. The Milling department responds willingly to meet your ever changing machining needs.

Weld Department

High production weldments are produced daily in this facility with an intense degree of quality and workmanship. Our experienced staff is well versed in all facets of welding and in an array of different materials including stainless steels, aluminums, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This well equipped shop contains many specialized work stations that can handle large items as well as smaller, intricate pieces. Robotics play a key role in our larger, high production pieces, saving many man hours and enhancing quality at a reduced price to our customers. Rotational fixturing for cylindrical weldments, progressive fixturing, hydraulic and pneumatic work holding, all play key roles in getting the components welded correctly the first time, with the accuracy and speed needed to be a leader in this fast paced market. Our abilities to design and engineer our precision fixturing, combined with the ability to machine the components needed for weldments, drastically reduce lead times for those rush applications. These are the key features in choosing Machinewell, Inc. as your professional welding source.

Engineering Department

At Machinewell, Inc., the ability to initiate and complete your entire project is the priority of our fully staffed Engineering department. Component design, from conception to "fit and function," as well as ongoing changes to meet our customer's needs, are fulfilled daily with our qualified engineering staff. Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineers, in conjunction with state of the art three dimensional computer programming, will provide our clients with the confidence needed to order prototype parts and drawings or "turnkey" fixtures and specialty machines that will meet the high tech demands of modern manufacturing. Machine fixtures, weld fixtures, gauging and test equipment, PLC controlled machines, pneumatics, hydraulics, specialty assembly machines, etc. can be accomplished to whatever degree is required to facilitate your engineering requests.